Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Let's Halt Awhile, Hallam Tower and Grosvenor House Hotels

The following photograph and text are taken from Ashley Courtenay's Let's Halt Awhile (34th Edition, 1967).

Sheffield, Yorkshire—Grosvenor House Hotel and Hallam Tower. These two imposing blocks occupy magnificent sites; the former in the city centre, the other high up on the outskirts of Sheffield. Both complement each other in that they provide accommodation with different characteristics: for example, Grosvenor House has several suites with fine views over the city and larger facilities for banqueting, while Hallam Towers has the advantage of an open situation on the way out to Dovedale.
Both hotels, however, offer a wide choice for the businessman who wishes to stay in Sheffield and for organisers of local functions and conferences. There are banqueting suites in both, with full conference facilities, and, in addition, Grosvenor House has smaller rooms available for private lunch and dinner parties.
Apart from the business aspect, though, these hotels are ideal centres for the weekend motorist: the Peak District and the Yorkshire Moors are easily reached on daily excursions. Many of these visitors will appreciate the Sheffield Plate—a quick-service buttery—at the Hallam Tower and the £1 a day tariff reduction at weekends.
Whatever your tastes or your pocket, either Grosvenor House or the Hallam Tower will provide you with accommodation, food and service to suit. (See Map X.) (See illustration p. 103.)
GROSVENOR HOUSE: F.Lic. Apartments: 99/6. Bk. 61— to 10/6. L. from 23/—. A.T. 51— D. from 28/6. 10 %S. Rms: 62 dbl. 42 sgl. (c.h.). Priv. Bath: 104. Lt. G. T.V. Tel. (OSH2) 20041.
HALLAM TOWER: F.Lic. Apartments 84/—. Bk. 51— to 8/6. L. from 15/6. D. from 18/6. 10%S. Rms: 68 dbl. 68 sgl. (c.h.). Priv. Bath: 136. Lt. T.V. Tel. (OSH2) 66031.
London 160. Chesterfield 12. Doncaster 18. Leeds 33. Manchester 38.

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