Sunday, 7 April 2019

Sébastien Wright "Soft Geometry" and "Like a Thousand Flowers"

Yellow Winter Jasmine in a Milk Glass Vase / The Opaline Nude / Blue Copper Stains on White Fabric / Walls Painted Delicate Seashell / Daughters of the New Middle Class / The Eyes of Strangers / Lavender-Coloured Shell / Like a Thousand Flowers
Artwork: photocopy details of Nicolas Bossard’s Collage of Nude c. 1979 
Like a Thousand Flowers (Minimal) / Shell / Her Lilac-Coloured Voice / Crown of Venus / Like a Thousand Flowers (Longer)
The original version of “Like a Thousand Flowers” is on Soft Geometry 
“Shell” is originally by Brian Eno and appears on Eno’s soundtrack to Derek Jarman’s Sebastiane (1976) and More Music for Films (2005) 
Full download features three bonus tracks.
Artwork: photocopy detail of Nicolas Bossard’s Collage of Nude c. 1979